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  • Friday 17 August 2018 - 18:15
    Galaxy Note 9: First 10 Things to Do

    The Galaxy Note 9 and its $1,000 self is up for pre-order and arriving soon (August 24), which means many of you are about to have a really expensive, do-everything phone in hand. When you do open the box within minutes of the delivery truck dropping it at your door, we’ve got the first 10 things that you may want to consider doing. Well, to be fair, this is more like a first 20 things, since the Note 9 is packed with so many damn things you’ll want to tweak.

    In this ridiculously lengthy Note 9 tips and tricks video, we’ll walk through various security options (biometrics, fingerprints, iris scanning, etc.), the best ways to setup your home screen (if you use Samsung’s launcher), how to use the S Pen’s new Bluetooth features, the ways you can tweak Bixby, which Note 9 advanced features are important, and the settings to adjust in the Note 9’s camera.

    Again, it’s a long one, but there are that many important features here you should think about setting up right away.

  • Friday 17 August 2018 - 20:00
    Droid Life Show

    On this episode of the Droid Life Show, we’re looking again at the two newest phones on the block, the Galaxy Note 9 and Moto Z3. We’ve had a Note 9 in house for most of the week and want to talk about the good and bad, plus our Moto Z3 review is here.

    After diving into those hot conversations, it’s onto another Pixel 3 XL sighting, major OnePlus 6T news, Android Pie phones, and the latest on 5G, including a big announcement from LG and Sprint.

    Trivia is back today, with fabulous prizes provided by our friends at iFixit!

    We’ll be live at 12:00PM Pacific (3:00PM Eastern).

    If you miss us live and/or want the audio version of our podcast, you can subscribe through the various links below.

  • Friday 17 August 2018 - 20:01
    Galaxy Note 9 Price

    Most folks who pre-ordered don’t have a Galaxy Note 9 in their hands yet, but as soon as you pull your new phone out of the box from Verizon, you’ll likely see a Day 1 update that brings the latest Android security patch to the device.

    The August patch update is labeled as build M1AJQ.N960USQU1ARH2. Nothing else is listed in the changelog on Verizon’s website.

    If you aren’t getting a Verizon Note 9, and instead opted for another carrier or even unlocked, we suspect the same patch will be coming to your device as well.

    Are you patiently awaiting your new Note 9?

    // Verizon

  • Friday 17 August 2018 - 22:48
    Lenovo Smart Display Review

    According to a report out of Taiwan, Google is readying suppliers to manufacturer its very own Smart Display, similar to the ones we’ve already seen hit the market from Lenovo and JBL. We recently reviewed Lenovo’s Smart Display and came away very impressed, loving the idea of having Google Assistant on its own screen in the office or kitchen.

    Google’s Smart Display is reported to launch this holiday season, rounding out its holiday hardware offering along new Pixel phones and maybe even a Google-produced Wear OS smartwatch.

    From the report, it’s indicated that Google intends to ship around 3 million Smart Display units, which actually comes off as rather aggressive. According to research company Canalys, Amazon was only able to ship around 315,000 Echo Show units in the year of 2017. At 3 million, Google appears to have massive hopes for a Smart Display.

    We assume a Google Smart Display would be extremely similar to Lenovo’s. It will provide access to Google Assistant, let you access streaming video services like YouTube and YouTube TV, as well as control other smart home products.

    This fall is starting to get very exciting if you’re a Google fan.

    // Nikkei

  • Friday 17 August 2018 - 22:54
    amazon fire tv cube deal

    In a back to school sale, Amazon has dropped the prices on a bunch of their Fire TV and Echo products. The discounts range from $10 off to $100 off, depending on the device.

    The best deal is probably the $50 off the Echo Plus, because Amazon is also tossing in a free Philips smart bulb with it. The Echo Show is $100 off too, while the Echo (2nd gen) is $15 off. As for Fire TV devices, the brand new Fire TV Cube is $30 off and the Fire TV with 4K is a whopping $30 off from $70.

    There are other deals too, including bundles and discounts on some of Amazon tablets.

    Amazon Deal Links:

  • Friday 17 August 2018 - 23:42

    If you still don’t have what’s arguably the best Android TV box in your home, Best Buy is currently hosting a sale on SHIELD TV from NVIDIA.

    With the sale, Best Buy is marking $40 off the usual $179.99 price of SHIELD TV, bringing it down to just $139.99. This is the 16GB model that comes with a SHIELD Remote. If you want the SHIELD Controller for gaming, that’ll be a separate purchase of $59, or you can get that SHIELD TV + Controller bundle for $20 off its usual price at $179.

    Follow the below links to take advantage.

    Best Buy Links: 16GB ($139) | 16GB + Controller ($179)

  • Monday 20 August 2018 - 16:23
    Best Essential Phone Deal Yet

    The Essential Phone might have been priced at an insanely low $250 for Amazon Prime Day, a price we never thought would be matched, but oh how quickly things can change. If still interested in this year-old phone, the Essential Phone can be had in Amazon’s exclusive Halo Gray colorway for $223.99.

    The phone is brand new and still works on all of the major US carriers. It has the same specs as all other Essential Phone models, which includes the 128GB of storage. But yes, it only costs $223.99 today. That’s nuts!

    We aren’t sure why Amazon is doing this wild of a flash sale on the Essential Phone. It could be that the end is really near and its time for Essential to fully disappear from the phone sales scene. Or maybe Amazon just has a few thousand too many and wants you to save some money. Either way, this deal is probably worth some serious consideration.

    Amazon Link

  • Monday 20 August 2018 - 16:30
    Android Messages Dark Mode
    • UPDATE August 20: Google seems to have pulled the new dark mode and reverted everyone back that had already grabbed the update. That’s odd, but it has happened to our phones as well as numerous readers of the site.

    Google is doing this thing with their apps that receive updates, where they’ve hilariously convinced everyone to call new UI changes “Material Design 2.” The funny thing is that nothing is really new or “2” worthy because it’s just a change from whatever accent color they were using to white. Nothing but white on white on white. And that sucks when you don’t like to be blinded by your phone with each use. It would be nice if those white changes were accompanied by dark modes, like with the new Android Messages update.

    That’s right! Android Messages now has a dark mode in v3.5, which is rolling out starting today. I have no idea when you’ll get it, because Google hates the idea of you having nice things at the same time as your friends, but it is coming.

    And when you get it, you’ll notice all the f*cking white everywhere instead of blue. You’ll also now find an option from the menu in the main screen that says, “Enable dark mode.” Do a dance, kid, do it. You deserve this.

    Now, if Google would do the same to Phone and Contacts and probably every single other of their apps that are doomed destined to get this same “Material 2” refresh.

    Google Play Link

    Android Messages Dark Mode

  • Monday 20 August 2018 - 17:11
    Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ deal at Amazon

    Apologies if you missed out on that crazy Essential Phone deal earlier today, but we’ve got another good one. Amazon has dropped the price of the US unlocked Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ by $100 each.

    With that discount, you can get into a Samsung Galaxy S9 for $619.99 or the larger Galaxy S9+ for $739.99. Those are prices for the 64GB version. If you want more storage, like 128GB or 256GB, those are down $100 too.

    Amazon has all colors (purple, blue, and black) for both phones dropped by $100.

    Amazon Links:

  • Monday 20 August 2018 - 17:59
    great galaxy s9 deal amazon

    Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ owners on Verizon should be seeing August’s security patch rolling out this week. A week ago, both devices received updates that brought July’s security patch along with bug fixes, so now S9 and S9+ are probably feeling spoiled. I wouldn’t get used to that.

    According to the changelogs that Verizon posted, Galaxy S9 owners will receive software version R16NW.G960USQS3ARG8, while S9+ owners will see R16NW.G965USQS3ARG8.

    If you own one of these devices, be on the lookout.

    // Verizon [2]