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  • Thursday 17 January 2019 - 18:40
    LG CES

    Whether you’re a fan of LG’s attempts at making things that stand out from the crowded world of smartphones or not, you can’t say they aren’t trying. While talk of the town has been foldable displays for phones, LG is reported to be taking a different approach for at least one phone that is scheduled to be shown off at MWC this year.

    According to someone who is familiar with LG’s plan, the reported phone supports an attachable second screen that is apparently embedded in a case of some kind. There really are hardly any details with what it will look like or how it will operate, but it’s said that it will about double the phone’s display size.

    It’s also unknown if this device will fall under the G series branding or something else entirely, but really, we don’t think the name matters all that much.

    Let’s face it, LG needs a winner in 2019. It’s safe to say that ever since the G5, and maybe even a bit before that, LG has been trending downward quite substantially. While the company still releases phones that are good by any standard, they continue to be outshined by Samsung and Google offerings.

    Let’s see what you got for 2019, LG.

    // CNET

  • Thursday 17 January 2019 - 18:54
    Verizon BOGO Pixel 3

    Verizon will be in deal headlines today with a fresh BOGO (buy one, get one) deal on phones like the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 9, iPhone XR, XS, X and more. It’s a bad BOGO deal, though, unless you are in need of a new line at Verizon. Let me explain.

    The wireless industry’s deals these days are not great. They offer up freebies and huge discounts and BOGO fun, only to require you to lock in extra lines on 2-year device payment contracts in order to get them. They are borderline scams, but they are technically “deals.” This new BOGO from Verizon is on that level.

    How does it work? You pick a phone that is a part of the offer (like a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL) and buy it with a 24-month device payment plan. After that, you then decide on a second phone. Verizon will give you up to $800 off the second phone in the form of bill credits spread out over 24 months, since you’ll also be buying that second phone on a 24-month plan. To make matters unreasonable for most, that second phone needs to be purchased with a new line too.

    To recap, the first phone you buy is attached to a 24-month contract, locking you in with Big Red for two years. The second phone is only semi-free because you’ve added a new line (that you might not need), while also requiring a 24-month contract as well. Cool! You may have a semi-free second phone, but you just locked in two lines for two years with Verizon. Hope that’s OK.

    Shop Verizon BOGO “Deals”

  • Thursday 17 January 2019 - 19:00

    SwiftKey announced a big update for its keyboard app this morning, one that should have performance increased across the board by a whole lot.

    According to its blog post that details the update, the keyboard should, on average, be 20% faster than other keyboard apps when loading and as much as twice as fast on first load after a phone restart. Additionally, the size of the app has been trimmed and upon internal testing, lag has been reduced by as much as 50% on most devices.

    Here’s a look at the details.

    That Freshness

    • SwiftKey is on average 20% faster loading than our closest competitor across a range of devices, and as much as twice as fast on first load after a phone restart.
    • SwiftKey has the smallest app install size on fresh install – without sacrificing features or functionality – on some devices this is as much as half the size.
    • Internal testing shows improved frame rendering, reducing lag by over 50%, even on older phones.

    You can grab the latest update by following the Google Play link below. For more info on all of the work SwiftKey did to make it a better keyboard app, follow the other link.

    Google Play Link

    // SwiftKey

  • Thursday 17 January 2019 - 19:04
    Fossil Sport Review

    Whoa – Google just bought smartwatch tech from Fossil for $40 million.

    The two companies announced that Google has acquired intellectual property (IP) related to Fossil’s smartwatch technology that is “currently under development.” As a part of this transaction, a portion of Fossil’s R&D team working on this tech will join Google.

    Of course, we’re assuming this all related to Google’s Wear OS platform and could be a sign that Google will finally build its own smartwatch. After supposedly cancelling a Pixel-branded smartwatch last year, maybe 2019 will finally be the year?

    In statements, neither company said anything revealing. Fossil said that they are fabulous partners with Google and will continue to work on wearables, while Google said this acquisition shows their commitment to the wearable industry.

    Just give us a Pixel watch.

    UPDATE: The folks at Wareable were given additional details that sound quite spicy.

    The tech purchased by Google is something Fossil created after buying Misfit and is a product “that has features and benefits that aren’t in the category today,” according to Greg McKelvey, an EVP with Fossil Group.

    Google’s Stacey Burr, the VP of product management of Wear OS, added that they “saw some technology that [Fossil] were developing that we thought could be brought out in a more expansive way if Google had that technology, and was not only able to continue to use it with Fossil but bring it to other partners in the ecosystem.” In other words, Google bought this tech to be able to bring it to more Wear OS watches and not have it just be a Fossil exclusive.

    See, that’s spicy talk.

    // Fossil (PDF)

  • Thursday 17 January 2019 - 21:18
    Android Q Permissions

    Android Q probably won’t be released in stable form until August, if Google keeps to previous schedules, but we could see the first developer preview of it in March. Should that happen, there is a good chance that Google hypes the version’s focus on security and privacy.

    After yesterday’s leak of an early Android Q build gave us an initial overview of what Google might include, we now have a video tour that really dives into the most important pieces. We get to see the system-level dark mode and subtle UI tweaks, but the change that stuck out the most to me is without a doubt the new permissions controls.

    As you’ll see in the video below from XDA, the new permissions settings give you a better layout to see exactly which permissions an app is attempting to access. As we discussed yesterday, Q also lets you tell an app that it can access permissions all times or only when active, a major improvement for those not wanting apps doing anything in the background when they don’t know it.

    In addition to those changes, when a permission is being used on your phone running Android Q, a new statusbar icon shows up. That new statusbar icon for each permission being used can be tapped to then reveal which apps are using it. So when you see the location icon or camera icon appear, you can tap a button to see which apps are using them. That’s a huge change.

    While a lot of this can change or be left out by Google, since this is a hella-early Android Q build, it’s clear that the permissions change is going to be a major focus.

    Be sure to watch the video below to get the full experience there.

  • Thursday 17 January 2019 - 22:38

    If there’s one thing my momma taught me, it’s that coupons are awesome. It’s not only the paper ones that you take into the grocery store with you, though. Digital coupons are also very dope, just like the ones we have for the below AUKEY wall chargers.

    With the below codes, you can save $4 on a 4-port 40W / 8A wall charger (bringing the price down to $16) or save $5 on an ultra compact dual-port 4.8A charger, bringing your grand total to just $7. Different amount of ports for different folks, as I always say.

    Follow the links below to get the savings.

  • Thursday 17 January 2019 - 23:11
    LG G8

    The LG G8 has more than likely been revealed, thanks to a set of 3D CAD renders. These renders are rarely wrong, because they come from the case manufacturers that need to prepare cases for launch. And assuming they are correct, well, prepare to not be amazed by smartphone design innovation.

    UPDATE: As you dive into this post, know a couple of things. Since publishing, Ken Hong, LG’s global PR boss, said that this is just a “speculative rendering” and that it’s “not real.”

    As an added note, the site that published the renders referred to the phone as the “LG G8,” but @onleaks, where the images originated from, called this the LG “Alpha” and would only say that it will “very likely be marketed” as the LG G8.

    As noted in the opening, these CAD renders have rarely (if ever) been wrong. So what’s the story? Is this the LG G8 or another phone? Hopefully, it’s something else and not LG’s next flagship. Guess we’ll find out soon enough – MWC is only about a month away.

    The leak comes to us via @onleaks, and the images show a device that looks like an LG V40, only with one less camera. It has the same sleek exterior with rear camera situated similarly to the V40’s, it’s just got a dual camera setup instead of triple. The front of the phone features a similar notch to the V40 and G7, as well as a chin. The bottom speaker grill, USB-C port, and headphone jack are all in familiar spots.

    LG G8

    I don’t mean to dump on LG, but if this is it…yikes.

    We’ve got no in-display fingerprint reader or modern display with either hole punch cutout or teardrop notch. Rumors suggested it might at least have an upgraded display appearance, but this proves that to be false. An earlier report from today talked about a future LG phone that may be upgradable with a secondary display attachment, I’m just not seeing how this phone would be able to do that.

    We know Samsung is about to go nuts with super-duper infinity hole punch displays and advanced in-display fingerprint readers. They are going to step their design game up, just like Huawei and other device makers have done. What is LG doing?

    // 91 Mobiles

  • Friday 18 January 2019 - 00:21
    verizon logo

    Beginning this March, Verizon is rolling out spam alerting and call blocking tools to all wireless customers absolutely free of charge.

    In a recent third-party study, Verizon’s tools for identifying potentially spam and robocallers was deemed most accurate among wireless carriers. In an effort to bring these tools to the masses, anyone with a supported iPhone or Android phone will have access to these tools. For a breakdown of these tools, what Verizon is continuously referring to in this context is its Call Filter service, which currently costs $2.99/month.

    So, what’s exactly happening?

    In March, we will be rolling out our free spam alerting and call blocking tools to all of our wireless customers whose smartphones support these features, including iPhone and Android devices. There will be more information on how to sign up for the free service as we get closer to launch.

    There you go. If you have a supported device on Verizon, you’ll soon have better protection against spammers and robocallers. If you’re not on Verizon and you’re on T-Mobile instead, don’t worry, the Uncarrier announced something extremely similar for its own wireless customers.

    F*ck you, spam.

    // Verizon

  • Friday 18 January 2019 - 17:43
    Free Apple Music Verizon

    Just a quick reminder here, but if you are on Verizon, there is a good chance you now have access to a free Apple Music subscription.

    Yesterday, Verizon added Apple Music as an ongoing, free-to-use service for its Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans. It used to be a free 6-month trial, where you’d have to pay $10/mo after, but it’s now free until Apple and Verizon get in a fight and take it away. In other words, you are good for a while.

    Since Apple Music is on both iOS and Android, everyone can get in on this action, not just iPhone users. Galaxy S9 bros, Google Pixel homies, and OnePlus cult members, all of you are eligible as long as you subscribe to the proper Verizon plan.

    To get Apple Music added to your account, hit up this link and follow the instructions. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to install the Apple Music app on your phone. After adding the service to your account, the first time you open the app on your Verizon phone, it should ask if you signed-up for free with Verizon. Confirm that, sign-in with or create your Apple account, and enjoy.

    Download Apple Music (Android)

  • Friday 18 January 2019 - 18:16
    LG G7 ThinQ

    For G7 ThinQ owners, it’s now safe to get a little excited about the potential of Android Pie coming to your phone. LG has begun to push the Pie update to owners of the device in South Korea, meaning it shouldn’t be too long before it heads elsewhere.

    This move by LG aligns perfectly with the depressing roadmap that it posted, detailing that the G7 would indeed be the first phone in its lineup to see Pie in Q1. Other phones, like the V40 and others, weren’t even listed to receive Pie this quarter. Things could change, though, if all goes well.

    Let’s hope this update flows smoothly and LG has no reason to hold back on releasing it to the rest of owners. People want that Pie, dammit.

    // ruliweb | Android Police

  • Friday 18 January 2019 - 20:06
    Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

    Alright now, here’s a good Friday deal – Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL for a cool $300 off at Best Buy.

    These are Verizon models, because that’s all that Best Buy sells, but that’s a really great price on either phone. At $300 off, you could get into a 64GB Pixel 3 for $500 or a 64GB Pixel 3 XL for $600. If you want to double the storage to 128GB on either phone, it’s still $300 off.

    Since this is at Best Buy and Verizon is involved, in order to get this deal, you do have to buy it on a 24-month device payment plan. I know, I know, that sucks and we are well aware that folks on other carriers would rather just buy it outright and take it away from Verizon. Blame Google for doing Verizon exclusives, OK?

    For a monthly price breakdown, this is what you are looking at:

    • Pixel 3 64GB: $20.83/mo
    • Pixel 3 128GB: $24.99/mo
    • Pixel 3 XL 64GB: $24.99/mo
    • Pixel 3 XL 128GB: $29.16/mo

    Pretty good Pixel deal.

    Best Buy Deal Link

  • Friday 18 January 2019 - 20:20
    Car View

    Driving on the road is a sketchy thing at times, so why are you trying to make it harder on yourself by fumbling around a chaotic UI with endless buttons and things to look at? To combat the dangers of an overbearing interface, Spotify introduced Car View for all Android users this week.

    Car View is a super minimal and very simplistic UI for when you’re driving around town. Instead of the normal Spotify UI consisting of album covers and buttons to dive into playlists and radio stations, Car View consists of just a song title and artist name, plus big white buttons for Play/Pause, Next, Back, Heart, and Shuffle.

    Spotify says Car View is rolling out right now to all users, so head to Google Play and grab that update.

    Google Play Link

    // Spotify

  • Friday 18 January 2019 - 20:30
    AT&T Best Data Plan

    AT&T, for whatever reason, often feels like it’s now the forgotten carrier. We rarely talk about the moves that AT&T is making, while Verizon and T-Mobile are constantly getting coverage for this change or that network move. Well, that’s not totally fair – we do talk about AT&T, just not exactly in the most flattering ways.

    But look, they may have the best coverage where you live or maybe you really like the media options they now offer, thanks to a couple of big acquisitions. So let’s talk about what AT&T’s best unlimited data plan is today.

    AT&T Unlimited for the media

    Yes, I said “unlimited” there, because like our Verizon and T-Mobile write-ups similar to this, we’re going to focus on unlimited. AT&T does offer Mobile Share Plus plans with shared data buckets, I’m just not sure there is much value there unless you and your family don’t use much data, like low quality video streaming, and don’t want free TV.

    So what does AT&T offer for unlimited? A couple of oddly named plans that we have laid out for you below.

    AT&T Unlimited Data Plans

     Unlimited & MoreUnlimited & More Premium
    1 Lines$70$80
    2 Lines$125$150
    3 Lines$145$170
    4 Lines$160$190
    Data TypeUnlimited (may be throttled at any time)Premium Unlimited (No throttling until 22GB used)
    Video Quality480p1080p
    HotspotNoneFirst 15GB at 4G LTE, then 128kbps
    InternationalCanada & Mexico talk, text, and data included

    Unlimited texts from the US to 120+ countries
    Canada & Mexico talk, text, and data included

    Unlimited texts from the US to 120+ countries
    OtherAT&T Watch TV included: 30+ channels of live TVAT&T Watch TV included: 30+ channels of live TV

    Choose free perk (HBO, Showtime, Amazon Music, etc.)

    Since there are only two plans here, the basics are this: you have a cheaper plan without features or a top tier plan with them all. They are quite different too, so you really need to decide what’s important and what your budget is. To me, the Unlimited & More Premium is the plan most should consider because it includes some key features that the Unlimited & More plan just doesn’t have access to.

    At $10 more for a single line (even less with more lines), you not only get faster unlimited data at all times (throttling at 22GB), you get 1080p video (don’t forget to turn off Stream Saver), 15GB of 4G LTE hotspot data, and a free perk that could be a monthly subscription to HBO, Amazon Music, Showtime, etc. Again, you pay just $10 more for Unlimited & More Premium, yet are getting add-ons worth well over that should you buy them individually.

    Of course, the plan still includes talk, text, and data with Canada and Mexico, and free AT&T Watch TV service, which includes 30+ live channels.

    If you were to choose the lower Unlimited & More plan, you don’t have any options for hotspot, video quality is 480p (DVD), and the free HBO or similar service isn’t there. So as I mentioned above, you need to decide priorities and budget, but overall, the choice here is pretty simple if you want the best plan with the most benefits.

    Sign-up for AT&T Unlimited Plans

  • Sunday 20 January 2019 - 18:59
    Google Pixel 3 Deal

    The 2019 Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL deal you’ve been waiting for has arrived. The Google Store is running a $150 off deal on either phone in any color and with any amount of storage.

    At those discounts, you’ve got a Pixel 3 (review) starting point of $649 ($27.04/mo) and a Pixel 3 XL (review) starting point of $749 ($31.21/mo). Those are 64GB prices, of course, so if you want double that to 128GB, just add another $100 on.

    In addition to the $150 price, Google is offering up to $400 in refund credit for trading in an old phone. I took a quick glance through the prices they are offering in exchange and the $400 price point seems to be mostly for Apple phones (iPhone X). Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ tops out at around $300, while Google’s Pixel 2 XL was around $250.

    Been waiting to pull the trigger? This is a good time.

    Google Store Link

  • Sunday 20 January 2019 - 19:25
    Google Maps Speed Limits

    Two years after starting a limited trial run, Google Maps is getting speed limits while navigating. We made it, guys.

    The new addition starting arrive to more users this week and is confirmed to be rolling out widely in the US, UK, and Denmark. As we noted earlier in the week, speed traps are being added as well, and those are going live in UK, US, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, and Indonesia, according to Mashable.

    Can we drop a “finally” here? I mean, this is a feature that has been in other navigation systems and apps for years, right? I don’t know what took Google so long, but I’ll take it.

    If you aren’t seeing them, again, you’ll only see speed limits in Google Maps while navigating. Also, while navigating, if you swipe up on the estimated time panel, then tap Settings at the bottom of the screen, you should have an option to toggle speed limits on or off.

    Google Play Link

    // reddit | Mashable

    Cheers Anthony!